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Book Launch: Can a City Be Sustainable? State of the World (2016)

May 10, 2016

Based on her international work with Renewable Cities, Betsy Agar (Carbon Talks) had the privilege of writing what it means for cities to transition their communities to using 100% renewable energy for all of their electricity, transportation, and heating and cooling needs. In this edition of the State of the World, Betsy is in good company as SFU Professor, Mark Roseland's work is also frequently cited. Worldwatch Institute's decision to focus on cities this year is a signal among many, including the focus on Mayors and Cities at COP21 (, that now is the time to make sure cities grow in ways that are livable, equitable, and sustainable. Transitioning to 100% renewables will play a significant role in that future.


From the website:
"Can a City Be Sustainable? first puts our current moment in context, tracing cities in the arc of human history. It also examines the basic structural elements of every city: materials and fuels; people and economics; and biodiversity. In the book's City Views, professionals working on some of the world’s most inventive urban sustainability projects share their first-hand experience. Success stories come from places as diverse as Ahmedabad, India; Freiburg, Germany; and Shanghai, China. In many cases, local people are acting to improve their cities, even when national efforts are stalled. 

The official launch takes place May 10, 2016 in Washington, D.C. but you can watch it in real time online.

In the meantime, the Worldwatch Institute is giving sneak peaks on its blog.