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Conversations that Matter: Gordon Gibson

May 16, 2016

Episode 84: Gordon Gibson

Electoral Reform

Conversations That Matter features Gordon Gibson who isn’t convinced we need electoral reform, “this is quite a disruptive process and could take a lot of our time. There are other things to worry about in our society. Is this something we need to look at? Because, after all, our current system's worked pretty well for a long time.”

Gibson goes onto say if the Prime Minister is determined to address electoral reform the process he’s proposing amounts to a conflict of interest. “My contention is very simple, we have a set of very basic rules in our society we call a constitution. There's the formal written constitution, there's the Charter of Rights, and there's the unwritten constitution, the notion of confidence. You have to have the confidence of the House of Commons. The electoral system is a part of that unwritten constitution. And, it's a very special part and politicians have such a deep conflict of interest that they should not be amending it.”


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