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New ACT Report: Professionals' Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges

December 12, 2016

New ACT report (final publication for 2016): Professionals' Perspectives on Climate Change Challenges.

As climate change begins to have measurable effects, members of many professions are encountering challenges to established standards of practice. Elevated risk of damages is causing concern around topics such as liability and investment, as well as exposure to short- and long-term impacts and the complex issues they raise. Professionals responding to climate change through new approaches have the collective potential to achieve widespread transformation and improve climate resilience throughout multiple sectors.  

ACT formed the ACT Professional Advisory Council (ACTPAC) in 2014 in order to develop a better understanding of the climate challenges for different professions through engaging with representatives of sectors in BC on the challenges they face and solutions they are considering. This paper brings together selected results from discussions with the ACTPAC and outcomes from our Climate Risk: Getting to Action workshop with BC thought leaders on Sept 9th, 2016

Designed to be a conversation starter rather than an exhaustive analysis of the issues, this paper summarizes key ideas on examples of climate change challenges and solutions for selected professions. It is clear from the results that many professionals are already embarking on new approaches to climate change challenges, but also that, if they are to respond effectively to the substantive changes anticipated in a world that seems increasingly likely to experience over 2°C of warming by the end of the century, continuous improvement in, and support for, training, communication, codes and standards, sustainability principles and best practices will be needed.

A follow up report will be released in Spring 2017.