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What can a Clean Fuel Standard do for Canada? Clean Energy Canada report

November 08, 2017

Today, Clean Energy Canada released the report, What a Clean Fuel Standard Can Do for CanadaSubstantiated by policy modelling conducted by Navius Research, the report’s key message is that a Clean Fuel Standard is powerful and proven policy. Here are some key messages:

IT WILL DRIVE JOB CREATION AND INVESTMENT IN CLEAN FUELS. The policy would increase economic activity in clean fuels in Canada by up to $5.6 billion a year in 2030. It would also create up to 31,000 jobs for the skilled workers needed to build, operate and supply new clean fuel facilities.

IT’S AFFORDABLE FOR CANADIAN HOUSEHOLDS. Canadians will see little, if any, new costs at the pump or on their utility bills.

IT’S ENVIRONMENTALLY EFFECTIVE. The standard has the potential to cut carbon pollution by 30 Mt CO2eq, which is more than any other piece of the Pan-Canadian Framework.

Today's report release is the result of ten months of work, over which time we have tested different policy designs and shared those results with governments and industry. Digging deeper into the policy design, our report recommends specific requirements for reductions in carbon intensity for transportation, considered separately from targets for buildings and industry. We identify this as critical, given that no other policy in the Pan-Canadian Framework addresses transportation fuels (which account for 28% of Canada’s emissions). Moreover, Clean Fuel Standards in California and B.C. have been designed in this way and provide significant experience to draw from. And it is worth noting that, done properly, the Clean Fuel Standard could boost electric vehicle sales by 70% beyond what they would otherwise be.

Read the full report here.

How a clean-fuel standard will build an industry by Merran Smith AND Jeremy Moorhouse (Globe & Mail op-ed).