Finding new ways to connect: the impact that we’ve had on our community and our community has had on us.

October 12, 2021

Throughout this past year, the Centre for Dialogue has been focused on building a more inclusive, democratic and resilient society. From working with Dr. Bonnie Henry and the office of the premier, to accelerating Canada’s transition to clean energy, to supporting systemic change and capacity for governments and practitioners, we sought to support our community in meaningful dialogue and engagement.

To share some of the work we’ve done this past year, we put together an impact report. Some of the areas we focused on were:

  • Putting energy into reinforcing the social infrastructure of communities.
  • Engaging students in virtual learning and building meaningful relationships to deliver high quality education.  
  • Leading a shift in the way governments engage with their communities to increase the presence of resident and stakeholder voices in decision-making.
  • Supporting the meaningful and equitable participation of diverse voices in public engagement processes and stepping back to bring dialogue to our internal space as we sought to inform our work with an anti-racism and decolonization lens.
  • Strengthening the democratic capacity of cities, neighbourhoods and the next generation.
  • Advancing integrated climate solutions that don’t leave communities behind.
  • Educating others about the power of dialogue and storytelling.

Read the impact report to find out more about the impact we made in 2020.