Celebrating Two Decades of Dialogue: A Commemorative Book

May 17, 2022

Nestled in downtown Vancouver’s waterfront business core, Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue is a vibrant space for facilitating transformative conversations around difficult, complex topics. Both an accredited conference facility and a programming unit with a mandate to foster shared understanding and positive action through dialogue and engagement, the Centre was officially opened in September 2000 by British Columbia Lt. Governor Garde Gardom.

The Centre has been engaging citizens and stakeholders to create solutions for critical issues such as climate change, democracy and civic engagement, peace and security, inter-cultural dialogue, urban sustainability and health for more than 20 years. Today, the building remains the only known facility in North America that is purpose-built for convening dialogue.

Since 2000, the Centre has served as a trusted convener, grounding SFU’s work in research while holding a neutral space for others to express their ideas, as well as cultivating a culture of shared learning and support that enables ongoing innovation and improvement in service of the public.

The Centre’s inspiring vision and programming is united in and guided by a common set of values, including transparency in communicating motives and outcomes, inclusion of diverse perspectives and voices, collaborative inquiry, removal of barriers to participation, and the importance of evidence-based information. The Centre also supports student success through experiential learning and high-impact community programming, and connects the university and community partners to work towards shared objectives in ways that value each party’s unique knowledge and contributions.

Recently, the Centre published a Commemorative Book, where we celebrate our two decades, look back to the beginning of this journey and pay tribute to some of those involved in shaping our Centre and its programming. Through testimonials and pictures we trace the contours of our history and highlight some of its seminal moments.

With this glimpse into the Centre’s history, we celebrate the many ways that it has enhanced communities locally, nationally and internationally—and the many people who have contributed to its growth and success. As a beacon of hope in uncertain times, the Centre believes in constructive dialogue as the solution to the polarization and fragmentation eroding our world.

To request a copy of the book, contact us.