Systems Thinking in Health: Dr. Diane Finegood

Dr. Diane Finegood works with the application of systems thinking and dialogue to address complex problems across a broad range of topics with a particular focus on health systems and public health. Dr. Finegood views dialogue as an important tool in the application of systems thinking as it helps to build a shared understanding of the challenge and supports problem resolution.

Dr. Finegood’s recent work has been supporting dialogue to come to fruition as a first step in addressing complexity in health and public health including, this has included:

Dr. Finegood also supports and participates in several communities of practice including: Cohort-based experiential learning faculty and a group of Health System Impact Fellows. Dr. Finegood posts regularly on LinkedIn on these topic areas and can be connected with there.

Selected Media & Publications

Can We Build an Evidence Base on the Impact of Systems Thinking for Wicked Problems? (2020, "Comment on “What Can Policy-Makers Get Out of Systems Thinking? Policy Partners’ Experiences of a Systems-Focused Research Collaboration in Preventive Health”)

Systems approaches to complex/wicked problems (2020, panel presentation, University of Toronto Designing Healthcare for the Future)

What I'm learning about remote teaching (SFU VP Academic Faculty Feature, February 2021)