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AUCC: Semester in Dialogue Case Study

November 25, 2012

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has featured a case study on Simon Fraser University’s undergraduate semester in dialogue program. Mark Winston, academic director and fellow at SFU’s Centre for Dialogue created Semester in Dialogue in 2002. Semester in Dialogue creates transformative moments for students by encouraging them to engage with their communities through community based projects. Using an interdisciplinary and experiential approach, the program treats dialogue, among students, with guest speakers – called “thought leaders” – and in regular public forums organized by students, as a primary learning tool. “Dialogue” sessions are scheduled frequently during the week:

"'Our program doesn’t propose overthrowing the entire university system,' says Mark Winston, academic director and fellow at SFU’s Centre for Dialogue. Dr. Winston created Semester in Dialogue in 2002 after reaching a mid-career realization that, although he was a pretty good lecturer, his students were not engaging with the material."

Read the full case study here