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Ronald Yip, Fall 2013

December 20, 2013

Highlighting the experiences of recent Semester in Dialogue grads: Ronald Yip, Conflict and Governance (2013).

What semester did you participate in?

Fall 2013, "Conflict and Governance" with Sean Blenkinsop and Geoff Mann.

What was one highlight from the semester?

As a class, we went to the TRC (Truth & Reconciliation Commission) and the Fraser Valley Institution. We witnessed the healings of the First Nations and their stories. What I took away from this was how oppression in our societies played such a pivotal role in many people’s lives. Many people’s lives, fates, destinies, way of thinking are affected as a result. And now, how we as humans can move forward was through tolerance, supporting one another, and reconciliation.

What are you doing differently now as a result of the semester?

The projects and the various issues that we looked into gave me further understanding into privilege and oppression, and as a result, I feel even more engaged and active about fighting these. I want to share my thoughts with everyone around me, as I believe privilege and oppression is an universal battle we all have to face, irrespective of who you are.

Tell us about one of your projects in the Semester and why it mattered to you?

We looked into the refugee communities in Vancouver of how the government’s IFHP (Interim Federal Health Program) cuts affected the healthcare that refugees in Vancouver can receive. I chose this topic because it’s something I’ve never heard anyone talk about, and topics that don’t get discussed often under-represented. Also, I represent the 99% out there; the 99% who don’t get affected, the 99% who don’t know anything about this simply because it doesn’t concern us. By choosing this topic, I challenge myself to open my eyes and see this community beyond what I thought I knew. Challenging oneself to take that one extra step is actually reflective of the theme of the Semester in Dialogue.

What are you doing now that you want to tell the world about?

I want to pursue work on tolerance and acceptance of difference. I want to tell the world about the dangers or oppression and racisms. There’s a lot more I want to tell the world about, but first I must listen. Dialogue is the beginning to the next step. Finally, the future is what we do today.

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