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Marissa Lawrence on Co-op housing in Vancouver

April 04, 2011

The Peak has published an op-ed by SFU Dialogue student Marissa Lawrence. Lawrence’s article discusses the landscape of the real estate market in Vancouver and how co-op housing may help young people become home owners.

"For me, the reality is that prices are unaffordable, making it impossible to fathom an opportunity to purchase real estate in Vancouver. My bubble, my hopes and dreams of owning a home in Greater Vancouver, has burst with the news that the average price of a single-family home is now close to $1 million.

Regardless of a market or personal bubble-burst, it’s time to forget the white picket fence and awake to the reality that maybe the grass is greener and much more realistic on the co-op side of things."

Read Lawerence's full opinion piece: Is Co-op Housing the Answer?

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