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Student OP-ED and News Articles

January 26, 2014

Archived on this page is a collection of op-eds that have been written by our students over the years. In addition to the op-eds are news articles regarding the Semester in Dialogue program.






Let's say yes to less in our everyday lives

Wade Lifton

The Vancouver Sun


Is co-op housing the answer?

Marissa Lawrence

The Peak


Reader Soapbox: Failure to save Vancouver's Pantages Theatre equals 'demolition by neglect'

Jessica O'Neill

Vancouver Courier


Educating for peace

Cristin Talentino

The Peak


New life for unused parking lots

Graham Anderson

Vancouver Observer


Sustainable solutions for take out waste

Graeme McNish

Vancouver Observer


The last word on Powersmart month

Sara Miles

Island Tides


Bringing cyclists out of the business blind spot

Graham Anderson

Vancouver Observer


Commentary: No tankers in our harbour

Lynn Osler

The Vancouver Sun


LETTER: City Centre: The future lives here

Alex Hayer

Surrey Leader


Your trash is someone else's treasure

Ives Leung

Vancouver Observer


Translink needs turnstiles

Kelvin Chan

Vancouver Observer


Golf courses are wasting resources

Sabrina Dominguez

Burnaby Now


The Earth Hour, Think Before Turning the Lights Back On

Michelle Murvai

Vancouver Observer


Third World Cultures Have a Richness Too Often Lacking in First World

Alicia Doo

Vancouver Observer


Imagine a Waterfront Sauna in Vancouver

Maria Persdotter

Vancouver Observer


Blending town and gown in the downtown eastside

Pamela Coneybeare

The Vancouver Sun


Metro has been hijacked by violence

Jocelyne Leszczynski

The Vancouver Sun


Commercialization of art broadens its impact

Emily Ross

The Vancouver Sun


Economic measures a poor way to assess arts and culture

Ramsay Malange

The Vancouver Sun


Behind the changing headlines, the big issues don't go away

Julien Thomas

The Republic


How to live your dash

Manjot Mander

The Globe & Mail


The challenges and joys of caring for a child with special needs

Anya Purchase

The Vancouver Sun


Volunteers could make a difference in assisted-living homes

Kaitlyn Boros

The Vancouver Sun


A farewell to the most luscious Stella

Steve Kwon

SFU Peak


End of the Nuclear Family

Lauren Kaljur

The Republic


A 2010 embarrassment

Alfred De Vera

SFU Peak


Orient more transit service to highway

Bryan Gallagher

North Shore News


Someone's Always Watching Me

Lorena Dexter

The Tyee


Backward business lesson

Bryan Gallagher

BC Business


Literary drive hurt by ESL struggles

Niya Karpenko

The Vancouver Sun


The mosaic loses to segregation

Scott Young

The Vancouver Sun


There’s more than just H2O in that bottle

Mairi Lester

SFU Peak


Caged carnivores

Kevin Swoboda

The Peak


Our favourite letter

Bryan Gallagher

Corporate Knights Investment Issue


Business schools must go green

Bryan Gallagher

The Vancouver Sun


Saving money while saving the environment

Larissa Duma

Town and Country


Symbols needed for transit clarity

Lucas Malinowski

The Vancouver Sun


Olympic protesters gain nothing by their actions

Josina Vink

The Vancouver Sun


Social Fertilizer

Amanda McCuaig

The Tyee


Crayfish love their bacon

Rhiannon Coppin

The Globe & Mail


Reality undercuts optimism about green commuting

Raena Dumas

The Vancouver Sun


The urban lawn a black hole for biodiversity

Megan Dickinson

The Vancouver Sun


One person, one company, one day at a time

Sarah Stephenson

The Vancouver Sun


Go to a poor country for a different take on garbage

Jennica Rawstron

The Vancouver Sun


Linear learning

Meesa Chungfat

SFU Peak


The power of touch

Janet Webber

The Globe & Mail


Pain is pain, health is health, including out teeth

Amie Anderson

The Vancouver Sun


To save the world

Elinor Johansen

The Vancouver Sun


Canadian young just don’t have the means to be in mainstream politics

Kyle Franz

The Province


The MMORPGS ⎯ threat or menace?

Erin Morissette

The Vancouver Sun


Washrooms. Please

Tawnia Shyanne

The Vancouver Sun


Time to start a friendly ruckus

Jennica Davis

The Globe & Mail


No shirt, no shoes, no opera

Emily Williamson

The Province


Where has the passion gone?

Douglas D. Durand

National Post


The Massive Status Quo

Olive Dempsey

The Tyee


Orca attitude

Christina van der Kamp

The Vancouver Sun


The Cost of Forgetting: lessons from Canada’s “worst” neighbourhood

Olive Dempsey

Canadian Dimension


Peace and quiet are just dreams for city dwellers

Delanie Dyck

The Vancouver Sun


Demystifying how the real world works

Taigita Biln

SFU News


I’m not a hippie, I just want a better world

Rhiannon Coppin

SFU Peak


My conversion to environmentalism

Angela Padilla

The Globe & Mail


In the News

Title Author Publication Date
Simon Fraser University's power of engagement Andrew Petter The Vancouver Sun 6-Sep-13
Western Schools Lori Bamber The Globe and Mail 10-Jun-13
Video: The Disappearance of Bees, Semester in Dialogue 10th Anniversary spoken word piece Nadia Chaney   26-Jan-13
Lyrics: The Disappearance of Bees, Semester in Dialogue 10th Anniversary spoken word piece Nadia Chaney   26-Jan-13
Hands-on learning with Semester in Dialogue Emily Ross SFU Vancouver Blog 15-Nov-12
Getting Practical @SFUVan Emily Ross
SFU Vancouver Blog 25-May-12
Collaborative CityStudio breaks new ground Ren Thomas spacingvancouver 25-Apr-12
How is CityStudio Changing Education? Jaclyn Bruneau Axiom News 28-Mar-12
Former NPA councillor Peter Ladner gets to the root of The Urban Food Revolution Matthew Burrows The Georgia Straight 15-Dec-11
Vancouver to host international sustainable business summit Jeff Lee The Vancouver Sun 8-Dec-11
'The Urban Food Revolution' Goes High Rise Peter Ladner The Tyee 8-Dec-11
Handmade table connects the dots for CityStudio program Ian Bailey The Globe and Mail 6-Dec-11
Encouraging good citizenship: SFU's Semester in Dialogue focuses on economy and faith. Cynthia Ramsay Jewish Independent 2-Dec-11
Confronting home affordability head on Bob Ransford The Vancouver Sun 1-Oct-11
For undergrads at Canada's universities, a new way of learning James Bradshaw The Globe and Mail 14-Sep-11
Let's Talk: Simon Fraser University's Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue program   Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada Sep-11
Douglas grad pens Aboriginal survival guide   doug: the community blog 16-Aug-11
Vancouver's tricycle delivery system not child's play Vivian Luk The Globe and Mail 8-Aug-11
The Urban Food Revolution: Peter Ladner's pragmatic new book Randy Shore The Vancouver Sun 27-Jul-11
Project to map experiential education at SFU gets go-ahead to expand   SFU Teaching and Learning Centre Apr-11
#FF #FollowFriday Blog Post 16: @UGSID Bob Kronbauer Vancouver is Awesome Blog 1-Apr-11
Take a chance on me: Empowering leadership through dialogue Rebecca Cohoe Memorial University Gazette 17-Mar-11
Vancouver's Gen Why Media Project aims to redefine Millennial generation Jackie Wong Georgia Straight 22-Feb-11
A Visit with the Income Gap Doctor Crawford Kilian The Tyee 15-Dec-10
Formats for community building and dialogue Lee Gass and Mark Winston Vancouver Observer 8-Dec-10
Experiments unlike anything you've seen before Janet Smith Georgia Straight 26-Nov-10
Learning outside classroom yields agent of change   SFU News 21-Oct-10
Childhood travel sparks passion for change Diane Luckow SFU News 7-Oct-10
In pursuit of passion Diane Luckow SFU News 7-Oct-10
A bike-commuting mom speaks out for bike lanes Janet Moore The Vancouver Observer 5-Oct-10
Marcuse tapped as Centre for Dialogue fellow   SFU News 24-Jun-10
'Cardens': His green machines run on soil and water Laura Baziuk The Province 18-Jun-10
What Space Travel Taught Us in 1968   Alternatives 9-Jun-10
Creativity: A Scientific Experiment Alana Gerecke The Dance Current May-10
When livability and resilience collide Jonathon Narvey Granville Online 9-Apr-10
Dialogue drives to resilience Chris Apps The Peak 6-Apr-10
The urban farming explosion Peter Ladner The Vancouver Sun 24-Mar-10
Politician-journalist Ladner joins Centre for Dialogue   SFU News 22-Oct-09
Academics launch unique approaches to climate challenges Randall Anthony Communications Inc. The Globe & Mail 4-Jun-09
Students want universities to help them change the world Janet Moore and Duane Elverum The Vancouver Sun 19-Feb-09
Abandoning Abandon: Dancing Science Mark Winston and Gail Lotenberg The Vancouver Observer 7-Feb-09
Give the Gift of Dialogue this Valentine's day Mark Winston Lifespeak Feb-09
Hip-hop artist explores schizophrenia Diane Luckow SFU News 22-Jan-09
SFU Report to the Community SFU President's Report 2008/2009
To Bee or Not to Bee: Bees in Extinction Allen Garr Granville 12-Nov-08
Monocrops bring food crisis Alex Roslin Georgia Straight 17-Apr-08
Is the bee virus bunk? Andrew Nikiforuk The Globe & Mail 3-Nov-07
The Need for Civil Debate on Highly Charged Issues Daphne Bramham The Vancouver Sun 21-Jul-07
Future within a beehive Pete McMartin The Vancouver Sun 19-Apr-07
Rundown hotels bought cheap, forum hears Damian Inwood The Province 15-Mar-07
Seminar debates Olympics Kristen Thompson Metro Vancouver 15-Mar-07
Broadening the scope of 2010 Dharm Makwana Vancouver 24 hrs 15-Mar-07
Winston says bye to bees Diane Luckow SFU News 21-Sep-06
Help wanted: semester in dialogue seeks co-teachers Diane Luckow SFU News 29-Jun-05
Students discover back lanes   SFU News 28-Apr-05
A Second City of a different sort Mark Hume The Globe & Mail 23-Apr-05
Let’s make the most of our big-city alleways   The Province 21-Apr-05
Transforming Vancouver’s back lanes   SFU Public Affairs and Media Relations 19-Apr-05
Biology prof minds his bees and views Kevin Griffin The Vancouver Sun 28-Dec-04
Just who are the greatest Canadians? Mark Winston SFU News 18-Nov-04
Art takes root on Burnaby Mountain Nicole Vanderwyst SFU Peak 15-Nov-04
Planet beekeeping v. planet dialogue Mark Winston SFU News 8-Jan-04
Crazy-quilt course in conversation Paula Brook The Vancouver Sun 16-Nov-02
Program offers interdisciplinary discourse Matthew Schum SFU Peak 21-Jan-02
New program trains leaders of tomorrow Diane Luckow SFU News 10-Jan-02
Dialogue inspires new Undergraduate Semester   SFU The Dialogue Report 20-Sep-01

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