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Blue Dot Economics: Rethinking Economics for a Healthy Environment

October 01, 2015

October 1st at the Vogue theatre, 7-10pm.

David Suzuki and Peter Victor in conversation with special guests

Canada’s most trusted influencer, geneticist and broadcaster, David Suzuki, has spent a career raising awareness of environmental issues. Economist Peter Victor, author of Managing Without Growth, has spent over 40 years working on environmental problems and is one of the founders of ecological economics. Both believe economics needs rethinking. These two influential thinkers will exchange views on what ecologists and economists need to learn from each other in order to come to a truly ecological economics that illuminates how human wellbeing can be secured within the planet’s limits.

To explore what ecological economics means on the ground, David and Peter will be joined by special guests Andrea Reimer, Tamara Vrooman & Merran Smith. The evening will also include entertainment by Deanna Knight, musical guests & Vancouver’s The Hot Club of Mars.

Tickets: $19.95 plus service charges at

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