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Conversations with Heart: Dialogue for Healthier Communities

September 08, 2015

Know someone who could use more dialogue in their life? Facilitated by SFU Dialogue alumni, Patrick Lee and Sarah Beley, this introductory dialogue workshop is perfect for anyone new to dialogue or wanting a refresher.

The Burnaby Public Library and Bridge for Health are presenting this workshop. Dialogue is about more than just talking. It is an approach to conversations that is centred on listening, understanding, collaborating and reflecting. In this fun and interactive workshop, we will explore what dialogue is and how you can use it to create richer conversations. Learn the difference between dialogue and debate, when to use dialogue, and how to practice active listening.

From big conversations to daily interactions with family and coworkers, using a dialogue approach can not only improve your communication, but also support healthy relationships. Healthy conversations help build deeper connections to others and to our communities, which are both important parts of our overall health and wellbeing.

Free registration is required:

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