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SFU students get hands-on experience with CityStudio

December 08, 2015

SFU News puts a spotlight on SFU's Semester at CityStudio:

“I was feeling really lost and thought that I needed some way to contextualize my academic experience with something in the real world,” says Rakhra.

Kassandra Mihaly had previously heard of SFU’s Semester in Dialogue in her first year, but was initially apprehensive.

 “I remember thinking ‘Dialogue? I know how to talk,’” Mihaly says,

She didn’t stay skeptical for long. While completing a co-op semester with the Faculty of Communications, Arts and Technology, Mihaly spoke with several students who changed her mind. It was a decision she would not regret.

Read the full article here.

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Semester in Dialogue 2016 brochure