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The Role of Leadership Beyond the Point of No Return: A Deep Democracy Leadership Dialogue

October 03, 2015

Many of us are working tirelessly to make a more socially just and sustainable world.

We are making big strides in many areas. At the same time, recent accounts suggest that the fight for the planet and its people is a lost fight, regardless of the success of our specific projects. We are too late to turn back the clock on climate change, or reverse the extinction of species and cultures, or correct the damages done to the social sector.

In the face of these possibilities, how do we as leaders hold ourselves up and relate to our work and its context? Do we isolate ourselves in our projects, turn off the news, or do we more fully open to the pain of what's happening, at the risk of our own disorientation?

Is hope an appropriate stance to take, and is there a responsible way to engage with despair? Can we afford not to have hope or can hope be re-imagined for this moment in time?

Facilitators: Myrna Lewis, Aftab Erfan, Sera Thompson
Saturday Oct 3rd, 2015, 10am to 4pm at the HiVE Vancouver
Admission $75 ($45 for students and low income)
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