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Student Community Engagement Competition

October 12, 2016

The SFU Surrey—Central City Student Community Engagement Competition is a collaborative initiative involving Blackwood Partners Management Corp., Central City, the City of Surrey, and Simon Fraser University. The competition, which will initially be held once each year from 2014 to 2018, is designed to encourage community-student engagement through innovation.

Through this competition, Blackwood Partners, the City of Surrey and Simon Fraser University hope to:

  • recognize, celebrate, and champion community-student engagement and spirit;
  • assist in the rejuvenation, development and success of Surrey City Centre and Central City;
  • facilitate student participation in experiential learning opportunities through community service and partnership; and,
  • attract students from a variety of disciplines who are enthusiastic about social entrepreneurship, innovation and community building.

Blackwood Partners has provided funds to create two project awards, a Grand Award and an Engagement Award. The City of Surrey has provided funds to create one award for projects that focus on Placemaking (i.e. creating something physical in a public space). The award categories are as follows:

  • Blackwood Award: $3000.00 Grand Award (all finalist projects are considered)
  • Blackwood Award: $2000.00 Engagement Award (only finalist projects NOT related to placemaking are considered)
  • City of Surrey Award: $2000.00 Place-Making Project Award (only finalist projects related to placemaking are considered)

These prizes will be allocated to the students that come up with the most innovative ideas to engage the Surrey Centre neighbourhood. The prizes are earmarked to assist the winning student/team in the implementation of their idea.

 Important Dates:

  • October 12th – Students register for the competition and answer three questions about their idea
  • October 28th – Shortlisted applicants submit a detailed proposal
  • November 15th – Finalists present their project and engage in a community dialogue

Click here for more information about the SFU Surrey—Central City Student Community Engagement Competition and to see past projects.

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