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Alumni Profile: Justine Teoh, Spring 2018

June 18, 2018

What semester/theme did you participate in?
Spring 2018- Health and Wellness: Complex, Not Just Complicated

Tell us about one of your projects in the Semester and why it mattered to you? In what way did the project have a positive impact on the community?
A group project I worked on was to understand if an online community would benefit those families that support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Many families shared personal stories about their past and ongoing journeys during our qualitative in-person interviews. Despite the several complex challenges these families endure, they emphasized the potential benefits of a platform to share and collaborate with other families undergoing similar experiences. A prospective online community would allow families to collaborate and find solutions that are “outside the box”. This experience greatly shifted my perspective of our health care systems, and highlighted the importance of lived experiences.

What was one highlight from the semester?
A key highlight was meeting and getting to know the students in my cohort. Each person taught me something new, from learning about them and their experiences. I would have never expected to gain so much personal growth in a class at school.

How do you plan to use what you learned in the Semester in Dialogue in your future career?
Personally, learning how to dialogue was one of the most important skills I took away from this course as it helped me become a more effective listener and communicator. Through dialogue, I learned about the power of storytelling to reach out to people and emotionally connect. My hope is that dialoguing and storytelling will aid me in the future to be more collaborative and patient-focused health care provider.

What are you doing now/planning to do that you want to tell the world about?
I am working for the Langley Senior Services this summer, and will be returning to classes in the fall. I hope to be wrapping up my undergrad by June 2019, and start nursing school in September of that year. I am excited to contribute to a community-based system of health and wellness.

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