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Student Spotlight: Shina Kaur

September 25, 2019

What semester/theme did you participate in?
Summer 2019 - Housing Futures

Tell us about one of your projects in the Semester and why it mattered to you? In what way did the project have a positive impact on the community?
My cohort's final public dialogue was the main priority and it mattered because it was our way to give back what we learned in the Semester in Dialogue program. We researched the housing policies and structures for four global cities; Hong Kong, Montreal, Berlin, and Venice. This research and the various thought leaders that came into our class gave us the information we needed to make policy recommendations regarding housing to the city of Vancouver. In our final public dialogue, we presented these recommendations to the community and created a space for people who did not know anything about housing to contribute. The project was able to start the conversation for those who were not aware, giving context as to why the housing crisis is important. It also provided more in-depth information to the people who had a background in housing.

What was one highlight from the semester?
Our final day of class, we had a debrief session in the morning and we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch. It was such an amazing day because we weren't all ready to leave each other just yet and when it came time to end our lunch, we said goodbye to each other about 20 times. Even after saying goodbye, we were all going in the same direction towards the sky train so a group of about 10 of us decided to go to another restaurant and stay downtown longer. The spontaneous plans that happened throughout the term were the best ones for sure!

What are you doing now/planning to do that you want to tell the world about?
Semester in Dialogue continuously inspired me to be a changemaker and to further my learning outside the classroom. I want to inspire that same sense of initiative in others during my remaining time at SFU, whether that is through my Vice-President role in the Simon Fraser Student Society or simply as a peer. I want to create a dialogue with students about how they can reach their maximum potential and see their time at university as an investment. Doing this through internal advocacy campaigns, town halls, and one-on-one coffee chats, I hope to inspire a generation of change.

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