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Semester In

We are excited about Semester In, a new pathway facilitating SFU Departments and Faculties to incorporate semester-long, cohort-based learning approaches into their curriculum, similar to the Semester in Dialogue. Faculty would develop their own courses as part of their Department/Faculty academic offerings, with the support and mentorship of Semester in Dialogue faculty and staff.

Semester In consists of three new five-credit courses, DIAL 393W, DIAL 394, DIAL 395, that can be used to pilot semester-long, full-time, cohort based learning models. While the course numbers are housed with our Dialogue program, Departments/Faculties can use these numbers to build their own models adhering to an underlying set of principles.

Our hope is that Semester In will stimulate a wide range of approaches enriching the overall learning environment at SFU. For example, many Departments/Faculties have been discussing the advantages of creating capstone learning opportunities, and Semester In would be an ideal fit for that objective.

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Semester in Dialogue 2016 brochure