Semester In


Practice and harness the power of dialogue to facilitate shared inquiry by demonstrating active listening, asking critical questions, and embracing the challenges of thinking together.

Experiential Learning

Learn from your experiences by immersion in complex real-world situations, implementing ideas you care about and critically reflecting on the process as a whole.


Make a positive impact with/within the community by developing a nuanced understanding of public issues and the skills to foster mutually beneficial partnerships that are grounded in the qualities of reciprocity, mutual respect, shared authority and co-creation of goals and outcomes.


Building relationships is central to doing meaningful work in the Semester; initiate and nurture relationships based on mutual respect between students, instructors and community partners.


Develop core communication and organizational skills; find your ‘voice’ and grow professionally.

Content Knowledge

Bridge the knowledge gap between your personal interest and the semester topic by bringing passion, curiosity and developing a rich understanding of the course material.


Grow in your knowledge of yourself through your experiences, opportunities and self-reflection.

Specific course outlines for each Semester In would be co-developed with feedback from the Semester in Dialogue, guided by these principles.