What is Semester in Dialogue?

What is it?

The Semester in Dialogue is a one-semester, full-time program housed within SFU's Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue. It's designed to inspire students with a sense of civic responsibility and encourage their passion for improving society. Each semester the program offers an original, interdisciplinary experience that bridges the classroom with the community and creates space for students to reflect on what they are doing and why it matters. Read more about our approach.

How is it different than a regular course?

Semester in Dialogue is an experiential learning cohort outside of the traditional administrative structure where students gain deeper, more individualized learning and mentorship opportunities than are available in the regular classrooms. Students will participate in conversations with British Columbia’s thought leaders rather than listening to lectures. You will design projects that explore issues of personal and civic importance and receive intensive feedback and mentorship from peers and faculty. Read more about course structure.

What are the topics?

Each term explores current issues relevant to society. Past topics include urban sustainability, social enterprise, energy, health, food systems and social change. See full list of past and future course topics.

What is dialogue, anyhow?

Dialogue is a form of respectful conversation, where deep listening, mutual understanding, collaborative process and empathy act as alternatives to more adversarial approaches. Faculty members will challenge you to let go of judgment and remain curious while exploring issues from a variety of perspectives. Learn more about dialogue.

How many students? How many credits? Where is it located?

With a cohort of 20 classmates, you will be embedded in the heart of SFU’s downtown Vancouver campus. For the Fall term, you will receive 10 credits over a compressed, 7-week period (DIAL 390, 391). All courses meet W, B-HUM and B-SOC requirements. See our frequently asked questions page.