Other SFU Dialogue Programs

Dialogue Minor Degree Program

The Dialogue Minor Program offers a concentration of courses which enable students to focus on the conceptual framework, technique, and practice of creating, sustaining, and evaluating dialogue. It is open to students with interests in many disciplines, including communication. The program highlights the relationship of dialogue with public issues. Whether or not this relationship takes the form of cooperation, controversy, or confrontation, and whether or not there are already visible forms of negotiation around public issues, the role and effect of dialogue will be thoroughly explored.

Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement

The Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement program offers a training ground for emerging citizen leaders to frame issues, convene dialogue, create civic visions and build collaborative teams and coalitions. In this program, you'll learn to design and implement a range of innovative engagement models that will enhance dialogue in your community or organization. You'll learn concepts, emerging models and best practices that will enhance your ability to facilitate dialogues that foster effective decision-making processes. Examples include planning for land use or service provision, local neighbourhood organizing, and other matters of public interest.

Semester In

In addition to our regular Semester in Dialogue offerings we have initiated the "Semester In" project to share our pedagogy with SFU Departments and Faculties that might want to incorporate similar learning and teaching approaches into their curriculum. One faculty member per year will develop their own courses as part of their Department/Faculty academic offerings, with the support and mentorship of Semester in Dialogue faculty. The Centre’s staff will also provide support to the host Faculty with logistics, budgeting and communications.  The first “Semester In” program will be offered by the Faculty of Communications, Arts and Technology in the Spring 2019.

For further information, contact semester@sfu.ca