SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue Presents: CAMP

February 16, 2021 - February 18, 2021

A three-day virtual retreat created for first and second year students

Held on Tuesday, February 16 to Thursday, February 18, 2021, CAMP was a virtual, three-day retreat experience for first and second year students to build leadership skills, expand networking opportunities, and find a higher sense of belonging - all without leaving the comforts of home or bringing on the dreaded Zoom Fatigue.

About CAMP

CAMP was created to offer opportunities for you to connect and engage with others on a social level - all while building the skills and perspectives you need to feel confident for the rest of your time at SFU. At this virtual retreat, students from across various faculties connect in ways that resonated with them.

This retreat was also designed for students who wanted to trial a mini-version of Semester in Dialogue before fully enrolling. CAMP introduced students to the most essential and useful tools of dialogue:

  • Conversations to help you gain insight into complex problem
  • Opportunities to listen and speak from many diverse perspectives
  • Time for self reflection and self care to help you assess your own skills and abilities 

Through CAMP, students also received one official SFU co-curricular credit, UberEats vouchers and prizes.

What We've Heard from Alumni

"After participating in last summer’s online Semester in Dialogue program, I would absolutely recommend this kind of online experience to every SFU student. Learning about dialogue has been a huge benefit for me, both within my classes and in my approach to life in general. CAMP will introduce students to interesting ideas and brilliant people – now go sign up!" 

- Fergus Linley-Mota

“Healing, Connection and Love. These are the things that dialogue has brought me that have changed me for the better. I am a better student, caretaker and friend because of the relationships I made at the retreat. The connections you make here are life changing and life giving. I found my purpose and liberation in dialogue. Everyone should experience what it feels like to show up as your authentic self and find belonging too.”

- Sarah Law

“A dialogue retreat is a unique opportunity to connect with other students, make friends, and share stories.  My experience was filled with great learning opportunities, and activities that helped me to better understand students from other faculties, and build lasting friendships. I would recommend this to anyone  tired of dry zoom lectures and are looking for a new way to learn and interact with the diverse body of students that make up SFU.”

- Alex Aparicio

"Building connections and friendships through dialogue creates the basis for long term relationships with others. The friendships I made through the dialogue retreat are friendships that make me feel supported and understood. What changed for me was the level of connection I felt with other students going through the dialogue process. I felt seen for who I really am through the way that we communicated with each other because we prioritized vulnerability and trust!"

- Claire Patterson

“I think one thing that people misunderstand about an event like CAMP is that the activities you’ll engage in won’t necessarily determine a set outcome. It’s more about what you personally take away from them, the intention you go in with, and the actions you take afterwards that matters.”

- Jocelyn Wong

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