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Tools & Resources

ENG: A Strategic Framework for Public Engagement

FR: Cadre stratégique pour la mobilisation du public

Six considerations for sponsoring your next public engagement initiative.

Principles for Collaborative Public Engagement (Principes pour une mobilisation du public fondée sur la collaboration)

Public engagement is undergoing a fundamental shift: governments want to hear from citizens who are informed about the issues, understand real world trade-offs and reflect the views of the general public rather than the “same ten people.” Citizens wish to be active participants in shaping their communities and to know that engagement provides genuine opportunities to affect decisions.

ENG: Characteristics of Participatory Systems Change (Short)

FR: Caractéristiques du Changement Systémique Participatif

This approach redefines key aspects of engagement, including sponsorship, issue framing, sequencing, the nature of democratic exchange, the method of analysis and strategies for mass communications

Participatory Systems Change: A Primer (Long)

This report introduces the concept of Participa-tory Systems Change, building on ideas devel-oped at the October 2016 Citizen Involvement and Systems Change Retreat, which brought 17 thought leaders from these two fields together in Whistler, Canada.

ENG:Public Engagement Toolkit

FR: Trousse à outils pour la mobilisation du public

This toolkit is designed to support high-quality public engagement by governments and institutions, and the implementation of Public Engagement Strategies.