Creating space for transformative conversations

Honeycomb Feedback

Sample of feedback from participants at Honeycomb retreat 2011

“As a relatively new teacher I appreciated the chance to learn strategies and approaches used by a wide range of faculty from various disciplines . . . and to get valuable feedback on current courses and teaching strategies. The format of individual, focused-small-group, and large-group-feedback was ideal. “

“The retreat was an incredibly unique experience for me – one of the first opportunities in over 30 years of teaching at SFU to meet and openly discuss and exchange stories, ideas and experiences among colleagues who represented a wide spectrum of disciplines and teaching practices. I came away refreshed, re-energized and grateful for the opportunity to feel part of a community within SFU that was caring, highly engaged and was truly interested in engaging students in community outreach and experiential learning.”

“I re-evaluated my thinking on depth vs. breadth for upper level courses. I also am planning to use more stories and experiences from my own research in course lectures and discussions. “

“I got several ideas of how to expose my students to experiential learning. Although the topics of my courses are highly technical and mathematical, it is still possible to start them with observation of an example and then moving to learning the theory behind it.”

“The retreat provided the opportunity for academics who never interact in the normal course of university life to share ideas and perspectives. I met more people outside of the Faculty of Science during this retreat than I had during my previous decade at SFU”

“I wish we had more initiatives like this.”