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SFU Reconciliation Dialogue Workshop

February 06, 2014

The SFU Reconciliation Workshop was a day-and-a-half event designed to create space for the campus community to discuss the role of SFU in supporting reconciliation among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. The workshop was the first of its kind for Canadian post-secondary institutions, and used methodology developed by Reconciliation Canada and Chief Robert Joseph, recipient of SFU’s 2014 Jack P. Blaney Award for Dialogue.

A major output was a list of actionable ideas for SFU as an institution to build upon its commitment to “honour the history, culture, and presence of Aboriginal peoples.” These ideas were generated by the workshop’s fifty-five participants, who included a range of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal voices from 28 SFU units and departments.

The resulting dialogue report summarizes participant ideas for action under the following six themes:

  1. Increasing the prominence of Aboriginal knowledge and culture across the campus community.
  2. Including Aboriginal voices in decision-making and evaluation.
  3. Increasing opportunities and requirements to learn about Aboriginal people
  4. Providing additional Aboriginal student support.
  5. Promoting Aboriginal peoples teaching Aboriginal knowledge.
  6. Integrating Aboriginal culture, knowledge and history broadly into SFU courses.

In partnership with:

Special thanks to event advisors William Lindsay, Eldon Yellowhorn, Jenna LaFrance, Ron Johnston, Brenda Morrison, and Karen Joseph.

Event Resources

SFU Reconciliation Workshop: Final Report