Digital Democracies Group at Simon Fraser University

The Digital Democracies Group at Simon Fraser University (SFU) integrates research in the humanities and data sciences to address questions of equality and social justice. It will  combat the proliferation of online “echo chambers” and discriminatory algorithms by creating alternative data literacies and paradigms for connection: from applications and  methods to transforming hostile social media exchanges into productive dialogues, to critical analyses of fake news and its historical evolution.

Working with the many centres of excellence at SFU—in the areas of big data and engaging communities/civil society—it will help develop the coalitions necessary to produce innovative approaches to digital democracy.

Canada 150 Research Chair in New Media, Wendy Chun leads the Digital Democracies Group. One of Chun’s many research goals is to build unusual coalitions across disciplines, schools, industry and the public in order to create vibrant democratic technologies and cultures.