Ahmed Al-Rawi

Affiliated Faculty

Ahmed Al-Rawi is an Assistant Professor of Social Media, News, and Public Communication at the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, Canada. His research expertise is related to social media, news, and global communication with emphasis on critical theory. He authored three books and over fifty peer reviewed book chapters and articles published in journals like Information, Communication & SocietyOnline Information Review, Social Science Computer Review, Public Relations Review, Social Media+Society, and Journalism.

Zoe Druick

Affiliated Faculty

Zoë Druick is Professor in the School of Communication and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Her primary areas of teaching and research are media studies, gender studies and cultural theory. Her research considers histories, theories and trajectories of documentary and reality-based media with an emphasis on their intersection with biopolitical projects.

Svitlana Matviyenko

Affiliated Faculty

Svitlana Matviyenko is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication. Her research and teaching are focused on political economy of information, social and mobile media, infrastructure studies, history of science, cybernetics and psychoanalysis. 

Mark Pickup

Affiliated Faculty 

Mark Pickup is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University. He is a specialist in Political Behaviour, Political Psychology and Political Methodology. Substantively, his research primarily falls into three areas: political identities and political decision-making; conditions of democratic responsiveness and accountability; and polls and electoral outcomes. His research focuses on political information, public opinion, political identities, norms and election campaigns within North American and European countries. His methodological interests concern the analysis of longitudinal data (time series, panel, network, etc.) with secondary interests in Bayesian analysis and survey/lab experiment design.

Maite Taboada

Affiliated Faculty

Maite Taboada is Professor in the Department of Linguistics at SFU. Her research combines discourse analysis and computational linguistics, with an emphasis on discourse relations and sentiment analysis. Current work focuses on the analysis of online comments, drawing insights from corpus linguistics, computational linguistics and big data. Other projects include a study of fake news online and the Gender Gap Tracker. She is the director of the Discourse Processing Lab at SFU.

Fred Popowich

Dr. Fred Popowich is the scientific director of SFU’s Big Data Initiative, which leverages the power of big data so Canada can lead in a digital world. His work connects industry and communities with SFU partners and experts to address challenges and opportunities around data to grow a competitive economy and deliver social impact. Dr. Popowich is a leading computing scientist and seasoned administrator at Simon Fraser University, Canada’s leading engaged university. His other roles at the School of Computing Science have included Associate Director Research and Industry Relations, Director of the Professional Master’s Program in Big Data, and Associate Dean.