Core Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jaime-Lee Kirtz | Website

Jaime Lee Kirtz is a Digital Democracies Group postdoctoral fellow and is interested in developing interdisciplinary and critical research that engages with questions about the ubiquity of digital technology, the emergence of algorithmic bias, and ways in which media and technology consistently affect knowledge production and social equality. In 2019, she obtained her Ph.D. in Media Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and her dissertation addressed problems of concealment and exclusion in modern technoculture, primarily the material-discursive practices of gender with which technology is embedded within and also encodes.            Twitter: @jaimekirtz

Javier Ruiz-Soler | Website

Javier Ruiz Soler, doctor in political communication, defended his PhD at the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). His dissertation examined the contribution of the European Political Twittersphere to the emergence of a European Public Sphere and European demos, applying the methodology of network analysis and sentiment analysis.

His research interests focus on digital public spheres especially European, misinformation, digital democracy, digital methods, and bigdata and politics.

During his doctoral studies at the EUI he was a visiting fellow at Digital Media, Networks & Political Communication research group (DIMENET) of the Annenberg School for Communication (University of Pennsylvania), and at the Public Opinion & Media Lab (POMLAB) (University of Milan). He has taught courses on Computational Methods at the Lorenzo di Medici Institute in Florence, and Social Media and Politics at the University of Luzern.                    Twitter: @jaruizso

Graduate Students

Carina Albrecht

PhD Student-Researcher

Carina Albrecht is a PhD student in the School of Communication. She holds a BSc in Computer Science from Universidade Federal de São Carlos (Brazil), a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University, and has more than 15 years of experience in software development. Her research interest is to uncover the mechanisms by which inequalities arise from algorithms and data analytics in digital media platforms, and propose intellectual frameworks that can enable the design of fair systems or serve as a reference for those seeking to build democratic digital environments.                     Twitter: @carinaalbrecht


Hannah Holtzclaw | Website

Master's Student-Researcher

Hannah Holtzclaw is an MA student in the School of Communication. Her research explores alternative frameworks for conceptualizing difference, communication infrastructures, and cultural relations of post-digital futures. Her current research project explores interface, as the space between self and screen; identity and being, where she uses fiction as method to conceptualize the potential worlding practices of difference when anchored in nonbinary and decolonial commitments.                       Twitter: @holtzclaw_h

Jasmine Proctor

Master's Student-Researcher

Jasmine Proctor is an MA student in the School of Communication and holds a joint BA in English Literature and Communications from Simon Fraser University. Jasmine’s research interests lie in the relationship between fan communities and mainstream media, and exploring how fan work online can be utilized in the political sphere. Her current thesis work focuses on the intersections of fan labour, government policies, and corporate strategies that have allowed for Korean popular music to be leveraged as a soft power tool.                       Twitter: @iamjazzrae

Denise Toor

Undergraduate Student - Research Assistant

Denise is an undergraduate student in the School for International Studies and pursuing a minor in Business. Her research interests lie in development aid, sustainability, and the current socio-political climate. She is drawn, specifically, to the way misinformation affects society and the movement of popular discourse. As such, she joined the Digital Democracies Group as a co-op student for Summer 2020.

Michelle Chan

Undergraduate Student - Research Assistant

Michelle is an undergraduate student in the School for International Studies. She is specifically interested in international security, conflict resolution, and peace building. Michelle is particularly drawn to the ways misinformation affects conflict creation and political instability. She joined the Digital Democracies Group in the Summer of 2020.

Arthur Liao

Undergraduate Student - Research Assistant

Arthur is a recent settler on the territories of the Coast Salish people. He is a student at Simon Fraser University, majoring in International Studies. Arthur’s interest in global trends began when he moved to Canada as a young child. He got to engage with new cultures and foods, which ultimately became the foundation for his curiosity in global topics and communications. When he is not busy reading about current affairs and digital communication, Arthur enjoys watching cooking tutorials on Youtube.