Svitlana Matviyenko

Associate Director

Svitlana Matviyenko is an Assistant Professor in the School of Communication. Her research and teaching are focused on political economy of information, social and mobile media, infrastructure studies, history of science, cybernetics and psychoanalysis. She joins the Digital Democracies Group as Associate Director for Spring 2020. 

Mark Campbell

Lead Administrator

Mark has been facilitating research at SFU since 2009 and is assigned to the Digital Democracies team as lead administrator.

Julia Scott Lenz 

Projects Coordinator

Julia is a recent graduate from SFU in Communication and International Studies. Her research interests are focused on political economy, urban planning and sustainability. Julia is particularly drawn to the ways that physical and digital infrastructures shape our actions, imagined needs, perceptions of others, and how this relates to commuting culture and residential segregation. She's been with the Digital Democracies Group since February 2019 and now oversees the lab’s work as the Projects Coordinator.

Hedayat Tabesh 

Research Support

Hedayat Tabesh is a undergraduate student in the school of Computer Science. His research interests have to do with how data science can and has affected the world. With 2 years of experience in data warehousing and data mining he has successfully written, designed, and enhanced databases. He has written many python scripts to scrape and analyze data to help the research group at Digital Democracies.

Events & Engagement

Amy Harris

Communications Coordinator

Originally from the UK, Amy has now lived in Vancouver, BC for 9 years and is undertaking an PhD in Communication at Simon Fraser University. Her academic background was in English Literature, but following an unfulfiling career in personal finance prompting a change of scenery to Vancouver, she discovered a passion for Communications and is now researching how risk around climate change is communicated. She worked in the field of communications for 7 years before pursuing a Masters which she completed in Spring 2020, and is now excited about her current program, and the work she is doing with the Digital Democracies Group.