In order to understand and address these issues, Dr. Chun and her postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and affiliated faculty research sources of, and solutions to, polarization. The Digital Democracies Group focuses on challenging the spread of misinformation, desegregating network neighborhoods, and countering radicalization and abusive language. This draws from Dr. Chun’s research on the relationship between culture, society, politics, and networked communications, which spans two decades, as well as her previous experience as a network and software engineer.

Our work comprises three intersecting research streams:

  1. Beyond Verification: Authenticity and the Spread of Misinformation
  2. From Hate to Agonism: Fostering Democratic Exchange Online
  3. Desegregating Network Neighborhoods

The objectives of these streams are, respectively, to:

  1. Understand why and how misinformation spreads and develop methods to counter its spread
  2. Combat abusive language and foster democracy through counter speech
  3. Understand and combat network polarization.