People Involved


Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Canada 150 Research Chair in New Media

Jaime Lee Kirtz, a Canadian Postdoctoral Fellow whose work focuses on gender bias in games and machine learning

Ahmed Al-Rawi, a professor of Communication, whose work examines the intersections between political extremism, misinformation, and social media

Hannah Holtzclaw, an MA student in the School of Communication whose research explores alternative frameworks for conceptualizing difference, communication infrastructures, and cultural relations of post-digital futures.

Jasmine Proctor is an MA student in the School of Communication. Her current thesis work focuses on the intersections of fan labour, government policies, and corporate strategies that have allowed for Korean popular music to be leveraged as a soft power tool.

Cait McKinney, a professor of Communication, whose work examines early Internet censorship of LGBTQ+ activists

Fred Popowich, a professor of Computing Science and Scientific Director of SFU's Big Data Initiative, who has published on the impact of toxic language on platforms such as Reddit; and graduate and undergraduate students

Maite Taboada, a professor of Linguistics, whose work tracks the impact of toxicity in online discussion sites

Around the World

Bonnie Honig (Brown), a political theorist and expert in democratic dialogue

Tara McPherson (Univ of Southern California) who runs the Ahmenson Lab and brings highly qualified personnel (HQP) training expertise from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts’ game design and E-sports program

Lisa Nakamura (Michigan), an expert on race, gender, and toxicity in game spaces

Jamie Sherman (Intel) who participated in Intel’s initiative on bias in gaming

Zeerak Waseem (University of Sheffield) a pioneer in NLP methods to detect abusive language.