People Involved


Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Canada 150 Research Chair in New Media

Javier Ruiz-Soler, Postdoctoral Fellow, whose work in political and social sciences examines the impact of misinformation on public dialog and elections

Jaime Lee Kirtz, a Canadian Postdoctoral Fellow

Zoe Druick, SFU Professor of Communication and expert on documentary media; and undergraduate and graduate students working on coding and analyzing misinformation and producing creative responses to misinformation.

Mark Pickup, SFU Professor of Political Science, whose work focuses on political identities and political decision-making

Around the World

Ganaele Langlois (York), an expert in political economy and social media walkthroughs

Richard Rogers (Amsterdam), digital methods expert


Ioana Jucan (Emerson), algorithmic theatre and documentary producer.

Heidi Tworek (UBC), an authority in the history of media outlets and policy

Roopa Vasudevan (Pennsylvania), digital media artist and software developer

Alex Juhasz (City University of New York), algorithmic theatre and documentary producer

Jason Rhody (SSRC), Director of the Media and Democracy Project

Brian House (Lewis and Clark College), digital media artist and software developer

Liliana Bournegru (Kings College), a leader in digital journalism

Esther Weltevrede (Amsterdam), digital methods expert