Cognitive Science

Is Cognitive Science for you?

Cognitive science is the study of the mind and its processes, including consciousness, language, learning, information processing, and decision making. At SFU this study is explored at the intersection of Linguistics, Psychology, Computing Science, and Philosophy. Through a variety of scientific and philosophical approaches, this interdisciplinary approach seeks a broader and deeper understanding of cognition.

You will learn:

  • to communicate clearly;
  • to critically evaluate evidence and data;
  • to program and use computers;
  • to apply conceptual, analytical and interpersonal skills in a variety of situations.

Where to go from here?

If you are interested in discovering what Cognitive Science is about, take COGS 100. Whether you are a Cognitive Science major, still deciding if Cognitive Science is for you, or in another program and just interested in thinking about how the human mind works - you will find this course informs the way you see the world.

COGS 100 is an introduction to exploring the mind, examining how major common themes from many fields contribute to our understanding of cognitive functions like memory, language, and vision.

The multi-faceted nature of Cognitive Science study means that students will develop a variety of skills and knowledge, applicable to a variety of fields and large range of career directions.

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