Graduate Liberal Studies (Master's degree)

Graduate Liberal Studies MA

Graduate Liberal Studies addresses some of the great works of our intellectual and artistic heritage. We study the perennial concerns that have shaped our culture, and explore contemporary perspectives on traditional ideas and values. The Graduate Liberal Studies program  focuses on breadth of learning. By integrating knowledge from many  traditional disciplines we provide an intellectual grounding in a range  of ideas and values that have shaped our culture.

Is Graduate Liberal Studies for you?

The Graduate Liberal Studies program is designed for working adults and part-time students. Seminars are scheduled during evening and  weekend hours, and the degree can be completed over a period of  years.

Graduate Liberal Studies is for students from all professional  and personal backgrounds interested in exploring ideas, knowledge and experience.

The program will be of particular interest to people who have been away from formal academic work or whose education was primarily career-oriented.

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Areas of Study

Graduate Liberal Studies includes core courses on Thinking about Human Passion and The Capacity and Limits of Reason.

Other areas of study include the themes of Self and Society; Tradition and Modernity; Science  and Human Values; Liberty and Authority; Religious and Secular World  Views; and Social Realities - Gender, Class, Race and Nation.

Where can Graduate Liberal Studies take you?

  • Media work in broadcast journalism and print
  • Law
  • Government policy analyst or researcher
  • Publishing
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Government
  • Business

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