Political Science

Is Political Science for you?

Do you want to make a difference and help create a better world? Political Science is fundamentally concerned with power. Who has power? The Prime Minister? Big business? Media? The people?

How can citizens challenge existing policies and power inequalities? Should they vote? Join advocacy groups? Take to the streets?

How can nations work together to face global challenges like war, terrorism, climate change, injustice, and poverty?

What does a democratic and just society look like? Should there be more government? Less government? How do we create a more inclusive society and respond to the opportunities and challenges of increasing diversity?

Where to go from here?

A Political Science degree from SFU empowers you to achieve success in today’s fast-moving and flexible job market. In our program, you will learn from award-winning teachers and develop the strong communication, analytical thinking, and problem solving skills that employers seek.

Through our five learning streams, we provide the skills that set you apart and prepare you for a range of exciting career paths, including:

  • Lawyer
  • Politics and Government
  • Policy Analysis
  • Social Justice Advocacy
  • Public Relations
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Polling and Public Opinion Research
  • Communications
  • Security and Intelligence
  • International Development Officer
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Professor

Get in Touch

Contact: Courtney Apps, Undergraduate Advisor and visit us online.

Want to know more?

To help you achieve your academic and career goals, Political Science at SFU is built around five core learning streams:

  • Diversity and Migration
  • Justice and Law
  • Public Policy and Democratic Governance
  • Diplomacy, Defence and Development
  • Research Methods and Analysis

Enhance your educational experience with our new NATO summer field school in Brussels and Rome, our ever-expanding co-operative education opportunities, or a study abroad opportunity.

We are particularly proud of our specialized French Language Cohort program in Public and International Affairs.

Maybe one of our joint degree programs intrigues you? We have joint programs with Economics; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies; and History and French. Don’t forget to check out our African Studies certificate.

With this wealth of possibilities, you can create a Political Science degree tailored to your interests and career goals.