Urban Studies (Master's degree)

Urban Studies

Urban Studies seeks an understanding of the city, its functions and its dynamics, offering insights into today's social, economic and environmental challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The Urban Studies program provides graduate students with a strong foundation in various urban-related disciplines and emphasizes the application of these disciplines to real-world problems and situations.

Is Urban Studies for you?

Urban Studies is for graduate students who are aspiring and practicing professionals (e.g. planners, managers, researchers, analysts and activists) seeking to develop the urban research skills that are vlaued by municipalities, NGOs, federal and provincial governments and private sector employers.

The program will be of particular interest to those graduate students who want to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to improve human lives, strengthen municipal governance, and advance urban sustainability.

Areas of study

Urban Studies courses are offered in the evenings at the University's Harbour Centre campus in Vancouver.

The program draws particularly on Vancouver's experience but also encompasses study of cities in other places and from other times.

It offers both full-time and part-time opportunities for graduate study, and provides an education in economic, geographic, political, and social analysis techniques to address real-world urban problems.

A Graduate Diploma in Urban Studies is also available. Students enrolled in the diploma may later apply to transfer to the master's program.

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For more information about Urban Studies, email urban@sfu.ca or visit www.urban.sfu.ca.

Urban Studies Research Summaries

Students in our master's program produce research on a wide variety of urban topics such as sustainable transportation, housing, inequality, diversity, civic engagement, economic development, the third sector, development planning, and municipal politics and governance, among others.

Read about our students' research.

Where can Urban Studies take you?

  • Urban and regional planner
  • Public Admnistration
  • Government policy analyst or researcher
  • Manager in private business or the non-profit sector
  • Consultant in the public or private sector
  • Local and international development agencies
  • Education and academia

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If you'd love to get into the nitty gritty of topics involving the city, this program is for you.

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