Earth Sciences' Seminar Series

Speakers for the Spring Series are now set (please see below).  All talks are on Fridays from 11:30am-12:30pm in SSB 7172 (unless otherwise noted) . Coffee and nibblies provided - but bring your own mug!

If you are interested in giving a presentation to the department, please contact Dr James MacEachern.

September, 15

Yannick Le Moigne / Swetha Venugopal / Craig Miller
SFU Volcanology Group

"Investigating and modeling Canada's deadliest volcanic eruption; Gas emissions and magma source of the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex, Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, BC; 3D gravity inversion reveals shallow silicic magma reservoir beneath Laguna del Maule, Chile"
September, 22

James MacEachern
SFU Earth Sciences

"Forced Regressive Asymmetric Delta Complex, Viking Formation, AB"
September, 29

H. Dan Gibson
SFU Earth Sciences

"Along-strike Comparison of Orogenesis and Orogenic Collapse Within the Canadian Cordillera: Consequences of Long-lived Oblique Convergence"
October, 6

Bruce Hart
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer /

"The Ice Age and the Giant Bakken Oil Accumulation"
October, 13

Gioachino Roberti
SFU Earth Sciences

"Multi-rheology avalanches, slope distress and glacial retreat at Mt Meager Volcano"
Tuesday,  October, 17 at 10:30am

Peter Hollings
GAC Howard Street Robinson Lecturer /
Lakehead University

"Using igneous petrology to unravel the tectonic triggers for porphyry mineralization"
October, 20

Dan Marshall
CIM Distinguished Lecturer /
SFU Earth Sciences

"Melt Inclusions of Native-Silver and Native-Bismuth at Cobalt, Ontario: Model for Native-Metal Enrichments Comparing Natural Samples with Experimental and In Situ Studies"

October, 27

Murray Gingras
U of A

"Diagenetic Implications of Bioturbation in Porous Media"
November, 3

Brendan Dyck
SFU Earth Sciences

"Decoding granite microstructure, from cotectics to convection"
November, 10

Jennifer Dierauer
SFU Earth Sciences

"Climate controls on snow and streamflow drought in Western North America"
Tuesday, November, 14 at 11:30am

Ross Stein
GSA James B. Thompson Jr. Distinguished Lecturer /
Temblor, Inc.

"From fishnet stockings to falling apples:
Earthquake interactions on the scale of a fault to the planet"

November, 17

Jonathan Fink

"The growth of lava domes and cities:
Unexpected career twists and turns"
November, 24

Jeff Crompton
SFU Earth Sciences

"The subglacial geology of dynamic glacier systems: A surge of observations from the St Elias Mountains, Yukon"
December, 1

Alex Wilson

"Quaternary glaciovolcanism in the Canadian Cascade volcanic arc - paleoenvironmental implications"