EASC Graduate Student Funding Policy

The Department of Earth Sciences provides funding to graduate students in its MSc and PhD programs through a combination of teaching positions, Research Assistantships, and Graduate Fellowships. If students need such funding they are required to apply for, and to accept, positions as Teaching Assistants, particularly during the Fall and Spring semesters. Research Assistantships are typically provided from their supervisors' research grants, enabling students to work on their research projects. In addition, Graduate Fellowships may also be awarded to students who have completed all their required courses and achieved a high GPA.

At the time an offer is made to an applicant, a minimum level of funding that the applicant can expect is specified. The department currently recommends a minimum stipend of $22,000. Subject to satisfactory performance in the graduate program, MSc students can expect to receive at least this level of funding for two years; PhD students for four years. Support may be reduced or eliminated if the student has secured external financial support.

Graduate students must pay tuition every semester from the funding they receive. International students pay the same rate as domestic students ( http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/future/tuition-and-fees.html). The cost of tuition decreases after six semesters for MSc students and after eight semesters for PhD students.