Areas of interest

Bedrock geology - Central B.C., Hazards policy.

Dr. Struik studied tectonics, land-use policy and risk assessment. He obtained a BSc in geology at
UBC in 1974 and a PhD in structural geology and tectonics from the University of Calgary in 1980. Since then he worked with the Geological Survey of Canada’s Vancouver office, leading bedrock and multidisciplinary mapping projects in central and west central British Columbia. From 1999 to 2009, he primarily contributed to national program policy and for 3 years managed a national natural hazards and emergency response program for the Earth Sciences Sector of Natural Resources Canada. From 2009 to 2014, he worked for disaster risk reduction by developing: 1) a risk-based land-use guide to the safe use of urban land, 2) a western Canada fault atlas for seismic hazard determination, and 3) support for use of quantitative and qualitative risk assessment in Canada (e.g. CanHUG and RAUG), and as a Director with the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network. As adjunct professor with the Centre for Natural Hazard Research, he taught courses, developed and hosted workshops on natural hazard risk issues, and conceived and manages the Risky Ground Newsletter. After retiring from the Geological Survey of Canada he continued to support further development of the Risk-based Land-use Guide, land-use risk management scheme and the application of risk assessment for risk management. He continues support of the Centre for Natural Hazard Research through the Risky Ground Newsletter.