Dirk Kirste

Adjunct Faculty
Earth Sciences

Areas of interest

Dirk Kirste is an aqueous geochemist whose research is primarily directed towards understanding the processes controlling the composition of groundwater and surface water. His research involves both lab and field based work investigating the chemical and isotopic composition of water, minerals and gases. By recognizing and using variations in the chemistry he is able to address problems in our environment, in characterizing and predicting the effects of climate change and in resource exploration and evaluation. He applies a broad range of techniques including: developing field based sampling and monitoring strategies; applying different analytical methods; designing lab based experimental procedures; and, developing and applying computer simulations. Some of his current topics of research include water quality, acid sulfate systems, the geosequestration of CO2 and mineral exploration using hydrogeochemistry. Dirk is looking for graduate students interested exploring these and other aspects of environmental geochemistry.