Andrew Allen

M.Sc. Candidate, Supervisor: D. Kirste
Groundwater Resources Research Group

Areas of interest

Fugitive Methane and the Potential Impacts on Shallow Groundwater Chemistry Northeast British Columbia.

This research project is being conducted in collaboration with the University of British Columbia’s Energy and Environment Research Initiative (EERI), and is associated with Geoscience BC and the BC Oil and Gas Commission. EERI’s groundwater Monitoring Well Installation Project (MWIP) aims to install a comprehensive, scientifically-designed network of monitoring wells throughout the Peace Region of North Eastern British Columbia, with the goal of identifying and monitoring potential sources of dissolved methane in the region’s groundwater from oil and gas production. Research at Simon Fraser University related to this project will focus on the occurrence of dissolved methane, and the potential hydrogeochemical and geochemical impacts on the groundwater composition at varying methane concentrations. SFU’s aqueous geochemistry laboratory will be utilized to analyze groundwater samples collected from monitoring wells in the network, as well as performing chemical analysis on sediment and bedrock samples collected during drilling of the wells and conduct experiments on core to determine element mobilization under reducing conditions.