Rebecca Canam

M.Sc. Candidate
PT Research Group

Areas of interest

Structural evolution of the western margin of the South Rae craton, Northwest Territories

The tectonic evolution of the western margin of the south Rae craton in the Northwest Territories is poorly understood due to a paucity of previous geological mapping and study. However, it is a key location for determining the tectonic response of the southern Rae craton to flanking Paleoproterozoic collisions during the assembly of supercontinent Nuna. The goal of this project is to investigate the structural and thermal history of the western flank of the South Rae craton, in the Nonacho Lake area, by identifying and constraining the geometry, kinematics and timing of major structures, and documenting the exhumation history of crustal blocks. Results from this study will be used to interpret the uplift history of the western Rae craton and speculate on structural controls for the development and mineralization of the Paleoproterozoic Nonacho basin.