Kristian Girotto

M.Sc. Candidate
ARISE Research Group

Areas of interest

Characterization of the lower Nanaimo Group over the Nanoose Uplift, Georgia Basin, Canada

This project will attempt to reconstruct and characterize the stratigraphic evolution of the Lower Nanaimo Group, a Late Cretaceous forearc sedimentary basin succession, within the greater Georgia Basin on Vancouver Island, Canada. This will be accomplished by using fieldwork based observations and composite logs located on either side of the North-East trending Nanoose Uplift, to determine whether or not the Nanaimo Group deposition occurred into single cohesive basin or multiple distinct sub-basins. Stratigraphic relationships and architecture will be constrained using a combination of detrital zircon (DZ) geochronology, biostratigraphy and field relationships. This project will elucidate greater understanding into the evolution of the Georgia Basin during the Late Cretaceous, understanding sedimentary successions in active margin settings with significant amounts of sediment supply and accommodation space, and the effectiveness of employing modern techniques like DZ chronology in combination with traditional methods.