Will Mckenzie

Ph.D. Candidate
PT Research Group

Areas of interest

Metamorphic, structural and geochronological investigation the enigmatic Jura-Cretaceous basins of the Northern Canadian Cordillera.

The goal of my research is to use new state-of-the-art metamorphic modelling and geochemical techniques, along with bedrock mapping and structural analysis, to unravelling the hotly debated topic regarding the tectonic development and significance of Jura-Cretaceous basins across the Northern Canadian Cordillera. My initial work will focus on the Kluane basin in the southwest Yukon Territory, however as the project develops I aim to investigate further basinal assemblages ‘along-strike’ to the north and south. ‘Along-strike’ data will be collated to give a comprehensive account of the ‘metamorphic-tectonic’ relationships between these enigmatic Jura-Cretaceous basins and provide an integral insight into development of the Western Cordilleran margin during the Mesozoic.