Carol-Anne Nicol

M.Sc. Candidate
PT Research Group

Areas of interest

Formational model for the emeralds of southern Ethiopia, via fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies

My project will investigate a recently-discovered emerald deposit in southern Ethiopia, Africa. Emerald deposits can form in three geological settings: magmatic-related emeralds form when a magma interacts with the surrounding mafic-ultramafic, or magnesium- and iron-enriched rocks. The other two deposit types form as a result of faulting and deformation of rock units; the deposit is of the sedimentary type if the rocks are sedimentary, and metamorphic type if the rocks are metamorphic. I will use methods such as cathode luminescence and electron microprobe to figure out the chemistry of the emeralds so I can compare them to other deposits worldwide. I will also analyze fluid inclusions and stable isotopes in fluids in the crystals to understand the temperatures and pressures at which they grew. This will allow me to assign a model to this deposit.