Taylor Piller

M.Sc. Candidate
Engineering Geology and Geotechnics Research Groups

Areas of interest

Characterizing Checkerboard Creek Rock Slope using a Combined Remote Sensing – Numerical Modelling Approach

This research project focuses on evaluating the long term stability of the Checkerboard Creek rock slope, which is located 1.5 km upstream of the Revelstoke Dam on the eastern slope of the Columbia River Valley. A wide variety of remote sensing techniques have been used including LiDAR, UAV photogrammetry, SfM (structure-from-motion), infrared thermography and hyperspectral imaging. The remote sensing data has been combined with existing data to help constrain numerical models created in the distinct element modelling software, UDEC. These models will be used to help improve the understanding of the deformation mechanisms and effects of the complex groundwater conditions found within the rock slope.