Lucian Rinke-Hardekopf

Ph.D. Candidate
ARISE Research Group

Areas of interest

Evolution and Architecture of Terrestrial to Shallow-Marine Deposits in a Variable Accommodation Setting: McMurray Fm, Northeastern McMurray Sub-Basin, Athabasca Oil-Sands Region, Canada

My research focuses on understanding how an ancient river system drained into a interior seaway that existed in Alberta over 120 million years ago. We try to reconstruct how the connecting zone between river and sea evolves in time and space under a changing sea level. Not only does this help researchers understand paleo-environments of the time, the deposit itself - the McMurray Formation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region - also hosts vast bitumen resources. A better understanding of the paleo-environments and their architectures is critical for an economic and environmentally friendly extraction of these resources.