EASC Past Grads, 2006-2010

Name Thesis Abstract (.pdf) MSc / PhD Supervisor Graduated
Zurek, Jeff Characterizing the Plumbing Systems of Active Volcanoes through Potential Field Studies
MSc Williams-Jones 2010
Church, Amber Recent Deglacierization of the Upper Wheaton River Watershed, Yukon
MSc Clague 2010
MacDougall, Andrew Distributed energy-balance glacier melt-modelling in the Donjek Range of the St. Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada: model transferability in space and time
MSc Flowers 2010
Frey, Shannon Sedimentology and hydrodynamics of strait-margin sand-and-gravel beaches and shorefaces
MSc Dashtgard 2010
Sturzenegger, Matthieu Multi-scale characterization of rock mass discontinuities and rock slope geometry using terrestrial remote sensing techniques
PhD Stead 2010
Brown, Sarah Geology and geochronology of the southern Okanagan Valley shear zone, southern Canadian Cordillera, British Columbia
PhD Gibson 2010
Westberg, Elizabeth The Tectonometamorphic and Structural Evolution of the Yukon-Tanana and Cassiar Terranes in the Mendocina Creek Area: Implications for the Tectonic Framework of South-Central Yukon
MSc Gibson 2010
Brideau, Marc-Andre Three-Dimensional Kinematic Controls on Rock Slope Stability Conditions
PhD Stead 2010
Fecova, Karin Conuma River and Leagh Creek intrusive complexes: Windows into mid-crustal levels of the Jurassic Bonanza arc, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
MSc Marshall 2009
MacLaurin, Kate Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and provenance of the Lower Cretaceous Jackass Mountain Group, Chilko Lake area, British Columbia, Canada 
MSc Mustard 2009
Mauri, Guillaume Multi-scale analysis of multiparameter geophysical and geochemical data from active volcanic systems
PhD Williams-Jones 2009
Wheler, Brett Glacier melt modelling in the Donjek Range, St. Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory
MSc Flowers 2009
De Paoli, Laetitia Dynamics of a small surge-type glacier, St. Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada: Characterization of basal motion using 1-D geophysical inversion
MSc Flowers 2009
Staples, Reid Thermo-tectonic evolution of the Wolverine metamorphic complex, British Columbia: limitations on the use of combined ion exchange and net-transfer reaction geothermobarometry at upper amphibolites-facies metamorphism
MSc Marshall 2009
van Zeyl, David Evaluation of subaerial landslide hazards in Knight Inlet and Howe Sound, British Columbia
MSc Stead 2009
Goodin, J. Russell Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Jackass Mountain Group, Camelsfoot Range, British Columbia
MSc Mustard 2008
Thompson, Cameron Integrated ichnology, sedimentology and stratigraphy of the lower cretaceous Grand Rapids Formation and equivalents, east-central Alberta
MSc MacEachern 2008
Vyazmensky, Alexander Numerical modelling of surface subsidence associated with block cave mining using a finite element/discrete element approach
PhD Stead 2008
Sluggett, Christa Quaternary alkaline and calc-alkaline basalts in southern British Columbia: mixed  signals from mantle sources above the southern edge of the Juan de Fuca–Pacific slab window 
MSc Thorkelson 2008
Turner, Derek Quaternary Geology of Howard's Pass and Applications to Drift Prospecting
MSc Ward 2008
Liggett, Jessica Comparison of approaches for aquifer vulnerability mapping and recharge modelling at regional and local scales, Okanagan Basin, British Columbia
MSc Allen 2008
Sunde, Richard Sequence stratigraphy of the mixed clastic-carbonate Lower Cretaceous Albemarle Embayment, North Carolina
MSc MacEachern 2008
Yan, Ming Numerical Modeling of Brittle Fracture and Step-path Failure: From Laboratory to Rock Slope Scale 
PhD Stead 2008
DesRoches, Aaron Integrated Ichnology, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the lower Falher Member, Spirit River formation, Northeastern British Columbia and Central Alberta
MSc MacEachern 2008
Kowalchuk, Chris Quaternary Geology of the Zama City Area, Northwestern Alberta
MSc Ward 2008
Milidragovic, Dejan Quartet Mountain Lamprophyres and Crustal Xenoliths: New Insights into the Mesoproterozoic metamorphic History of Northwestern Laurentia
MSc Thorkelson 2008
Hansen, Cindy Facies Characterization and Depositional Architecture of a Mixed-Influence Asymmetric Delta Lobe: Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly 
River Formation, Central Alberta 

MSc MacEachern 2007
Toews, Michael Modelling climate change impacts on groundwater recharge in a semi-arid region, southern Okanagan, British Columbia
MSc Allen 2007
Riedel, Jon Late Pleistocene Glacial and Environmental History of Skagit Valley, Washington and British Columbia
PhD Clague 2007
Brahney, Janice Paleolimnology of Kluane Lake 
MSc Clague 2007
Johnstone, Pat Geology of the Upper Cretaceous Nanaimo Group, southernmost Gulf Islands and adjacent Saanich Peninsula, SW British Columbia MSc Mustard 2006
Lakeman, Tom Late-Glacial Alpine Glacier Advance, And Early Holocene Tephras, Northern British Columbia MSc Clague 2006
Nadeau, Patricia A multi-parameter investigation of volcanic plume behavior and resultant environmental impact at a persistently degassing volcano, Masaya, Nicaragua MSc Williams-Jones 2006
Close, Scott Geology and Tectonics of the Nootka Island Region, British Columbia MSc Marshall 2006
Surrette, Megan Quantifying heterogeneity in variably fractured rock using hydrostructural domain approach, Gulf Islands, British Columbia MSc Allen 2006
Bridger, David Influence of Aquifer Heterogeneity on the Design and Modelling of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) Systems MSc Allen 2006
McArthur, Sarah Application of Geophysics and Numerical Modelling in Studying Aquifer Heterogeneity and Nitrate Transport, Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer, British Columbia, Canada, and Washington, USA MSc Allen 2006
Ickert, Ryan Adakitic Vocanism during the Early Eocene in Souther BC: Isotopic and Geochemical Constraints from the Princeton Group MSc Thorkelson 2006
Koch, Joe Holocene glacier fluctuations in Garibaldi Provincial Park, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia PhD Clague 2006
Wilkie, Kenna Fluvial response to Late Holocene Glacier Fluctuations in the Nostetuko River valley, southern Coast Mountains, British Columbia MSc Clague 2006
Egginton, Vanessa Historical climate variability from the instrumental record in northern British Columbia and its influence on slope stability MSc Clague 2006
Brideau, Marc-Andre The Influence of Tectonic Structures on Rock Mass Quality and Implications for Rock Slope Stability MSc Stead 2006
Hartman, Gregory The Quaternary Stratigraphy and History of Valley-Fill Sediments in the Charlie Lake Area (NTS 94A) of Northeastern British Columbia MSc Clague 2006
McKillop, Robin Objective preliminary assessment of outburst flood hazard from moraine-dammed lakes in southwestern British Columbia MSc Clague 2006
Royle, Gillian Comparison of Episodic and Non-Episodic Non-Volcanic Tremors in the Northern Cascadia Subduction Zone MSc Calvert 2006
Scibek, Jacek Modelling The Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater: A comparative Study of Two Unconfined Aquifers in Southern British Columbia and Northern Washington State MSc Allen 2006