EASC PAST GRADS, 2011-2015

Name Thesis Abstract (.pdf) MSc / PhD Supervisor Graduated
Calhoun, Nancy LiDAR and geomorphic characterisation of landslide-induced liquefaction deposits in the eastern Swiss Alps MSc Clague 2015
Frank, Anja Predicting the geochemical effects of SO2 impurities during carbon storage: Batch experiments and reaction path geochemical modelling MSc Kirste 2015
LaCroix, Andrew Modern and Ancient Perspectives on Deposition Across the Tidal/Fluvial Transition in Rivers PhD Dashtgard 2015
Klasssen, Jeanette Assessing the Risk of Saltwater Intrusion on the Gulf Islands, BC MSc Allen 2015
Smith, Kristyn Constraining accretion rates in a tide-dominated, freshwater river (Pitt River, Canada) and implications for lateral accretion of channels in the tidal-fluvial transition MSc Dashtgard 2015
Havaej, Mohsen Characterisation of high rock slopes using an integrated numerical modelling - remote sensing approach PhD Stead 2015
Hsieh, Amy Geostatistical modeling and upscaling permeability for reservoir scale modeling in bioturbated, heterogeneous tight reservoir rock: Viking Fm, Provost Field, Alberta MSc MacEachern/Allen 2015
Hamdi, Pooya Characterization of Brittle Damage in Rock from the Micro to Macro Scale PhD Stead 2015
Friesen, Oliver Permeability Heterogeneity in Bioturbated Strata, Cardium Formation, Pembina Field, and the Identification of Potential Waterflood Opportunities MSc Dahtgard 2015
Furlanetto, Francesca The evolution of the late PaleoproterozoicWernecke Supergroup, Wernecke Mountains, Yukon, from sedimentation to deformation PhD Thorkelson 2015
Hashmi, Sarah Quaternary geology and drift prospecting in the Mount Polley region (NTS 093A) MSc Ward 2015
Mayer, John Applications of uncertainty theory to rock mechanics and geotechnical mine design MSc Stead 2015
Holding, Shannon Risk to Water Security on Small Islands: A Numerical Modeling Approach PhD Allen 2014
Ertolahti, Leila Contemporary subsidence and settlement of the Fraser River delta inferred from SqueeSARTM-type InSAR data MSc Clague 2014
Foster, Simon Characterizing Groundwater ­ Surface Water Interactions within a Mountain to Ocean Watershed, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia MSc Allen 2014
Turner, Derek Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Glacial Limits and Paleoenvironments of the White River and Silver Creek, Southwest Yukon MSc MacEachern 2014
Ricci, Liam Architecture and Facies Analysis of Allomember F, Upper Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Drumheller, Alberta
MSc MacEachern 2014
Clayton, Anne Characterization and Analysis of the Mitchell Creek Landslide: A Large-scale Rock Slope Instability in north-western British Columbia
MSc Stead 2014
Larocque, Isabelle The Hydrogeology of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
MSc Allen 2014
Zaleski, Marty Earthquake Loss Estimates, Greater Victoria, British Columbia
MSc Clague 2014
Preston, Ryan Application of photogrammetry to estimates of mine pillar damage and strength
MSc Stead 2014
Twomey, Vince Three Dimensional Strain Distribution and Deformation Temperature Interpreted from Quartz Microstructures and Petrofabrics in the Okanagan Valley Shearzone, Southern Canadian Cordillera
MSc Gibson 2014
Vivas, Janisse Groundwater Characterization and Modelling in Natural and Open Pit Rock Slopes
MSc Stead 2014
Wolter, Andrea Characterisation of Large Catastrophic Landslides using an Integrated Field, Remote Sensing and Numerical Modelling Approach
PhD Stead / Clague 2014
Staples, Reid Diachronous Deformation, Metamorphism and Exhumation in the Northern Canadian Cordillera Revealed from Pressure-Temperature-Time-Deformation Paths of Former Mid-Crustal Rocks
PhD Gibson 2014
Zhang, Yabing Modelling hard rock pillars using a Synthetic Rock Mass approach
PhD Stead 2014
Fath, Jared Late Holocene history of Squamish River north of Brackendale, British Columbia
MSc Clague 2014
Montgomery, Adam Paleoenvironmental Interpretation and Depositional Process Classification of Allomembers D and E, Lower Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Alberta, Canada
MSc Dashtgard 2014
Ayranci, Korhan Facies Modelling of a Tide-Influenced, River-Dominated Delta,
Fraser River Delta, British Columbia, Canada

PhD Dashtgard 2014
Bickerton, Luke The northern Cache Creek terrane:
record of Middle Triassic arc activity and Jurassic-Cretaceous terrane imbrication

MSc Gibson 2014
Loughrey, Lara Boiling as a mechanism for colour zonations observed at the Byrud emerald deposit, Eidsvoll, Norway
MSc Marshall 2013
Hermanson, Jolene Multiphase flow and reactive transport modelling of heterogeneities in CO2 storage reservoirs
MSc Kirste 2013
MacQueen, Patricia Geophysical Investigations of Magma Plumbing Systems at Cerro Negro Volcano, Nicaragua
MSc Williams-Jones 2013
Mitrovic, Ivanka Evolution of the Coast-Cascade Orogen by tectonic thickening and magmatic loading: the Cretaceous Breakenridge Complex, southwestern British Columbia 
MSc Gibson 2013
Heideman, Marit Flood hazard and risk in Lillooet River valley, British Columbia
PhD Clague 2013
Gao, Fuqiang Simulation of failure mechanisms around underground coal mine openings using discrete element modelling
PhD Stead 2013
Newman, Stephen Deep-seated gravitational slope deformations near the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, east-central Alaska Range
MSc Clague 2013
Czarnecki, Joanna Palynology and geochemistry of sediments in the tidally influenced lower Fraser River, British Columbia
MSc Dashtgard 2013
Jones, Brittan Integrated Ichnology and Sedimentology of Mixed River- and Wave-Influenced Delta Complexes, Upper Cretaceous Basal Belly River Formation, Central Alberta, Canada
MSc MacEachern 2013
Hanson, Michelle Sedimentological and paleomagnetic study of glacial Lake Missoula lacustrine and flood sediments
PhD Clague 2013
Hewton, Meghan Investigation of the Mountain River Beryl (Emerald Variety) Occurrence, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories
MSc Marshall 2012
Tuckey, Zack An Integrated Field Mapping-Numerical Modelling Approach to Characterising Discontinuity Persistence and Intact Rock Bridges in Large Open Pit Slopes
MSc Stead 2012
Wilson, Nat Characterization and interpretation of polythermal structure in two subarctic glaciers
MSc Flowers 2012
Welch, Laurie Modelling Topographically-Driven Groundwater Flow in Mountains
PhD Allen 2012
Johnson, Stacy The Nature of Inclined Heterolithic Stratification in a Mixed Tidal-Fluvial Setting: Depositional Processes, Sedimentology and Ichnology, Middle Arm, Fraser River, Canada
MSc Dashtgard 2012
Sacco, Dave Quaternary geology in part of the McLeod Lake map area (NTS 093J), central British Columbia MSc Ward 2012
Simspon, Mike Assessing Risk to Groundwater Quality Using an Integrated Risk Framework
MSc Allen 2012
Nelson, Mark The impact of landslides on sediment yield, South Westland, New Zealand
MSc Clague 2012
Morshedian, Alireza Sedimentology, Ichnology, and Stratigraphy of the Sparky, Waseca, and McLaren Alloformations, West-Central Saskatchewan, Canada
PhD MacEachern/Dashtgard 2012
Nielsen, Oscar The Wernecke Igneous Clasts in Yukon,Canada: Evidence for a Paleoproterozoic Volcanic Arc Terrane at 1.7 ga and its Obduction onto Ancestral North America
MSc Thorkelson 2011
Takam Takougang , Eric-Martial 2D Waveform Tomography of the Queen Charlotte Basin of Western Canada and the Seattle Fault Zone
PhD Calvert 2011
Sorge, Jolane Characterizing Volcanic Behaviour Using Thermal Remote Sensing and Other Time Series Data, 2000-2009, Volcán de Colima, Mexico
MSc Williams-Jones 2011
McDonald, James The Effects of Timber Harvesting and Windthrow on Landslide Initiation, Southwestern Vancouver Island MSc Ward 2011
Capps, Denny Evolution of glacier-dammed lakes through space and time; Brady Glacier, Alaska, USA
PhD Clague 2011
Brown, Courtenay Estimation of Annual Mass Balance and Little Ice Age Equilibrium Line Altitude Depression of Mount Baker Glaciers 
MSc Clague 2011
Farahbod, Amir Study of Non-Volcanic Tremors in the Cascadia Subduction Zone 
PhD Calvert 2011
Galicki, Michael Investigation of the iron-oxide mineralization at the Iron Range, southeastern BC
MSc Marshall 2011

Lee, Sung

Characterizing highwall slopes at the Line Creek Mine, British Columbia using terrestrial photogrammetry
MSc Stead 2011

Henry, Chris

An Integrated Approach to Estimating Groundwater Recharge and Storage Variability in Southern Mali, Africa
MSc Allen 2011
Cavalcanti de Alburquerque, Rafael Hydrogeochemical evolution and arsenic mobilization in confined aquifers formed within glaciomarine sediments
MSc Kirste 2011

Schon, Peter

Stability and Mechanism of Failure of the Barrier, Southwest British Columbia
MSc Clague 2011
Shugar, Dan Rock avalanches on glaciers
PhD Clague 2011
Vickers, Kayla Quaternary Geology of Bluegoose Prairie, Baffin Island, Nunavut
MSc Ward 2011
Hensold, Gabe An integrated study of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations at Handcar Peak, southwestern British Columbia
MSc Stead/Clague 2011
Sisulak, Chad Seasonal controls on the development and character of inclined heterolithic stratification in a tide-influenced, fluvially dominated channel, Fraser River, Canada
MSc Dashtgard 2011
Vigouroux-Callibot, Nathalie Tracking the evolution of Magmatic Volatiles from the Mantle to the Atmosphere using Integrative Geochemical and Geophysical Methods
PhD Williams-Jones 2011